Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, performed at The Bear And Ragged Staff, Cumnor,

Don’t Go Into The Cellar is a Birmingham based theatre company who specialise in the Gothic and the macabre in ain a playful  and haunting manner. Recent titles include “Sharing Digs with Burke and Hare”, Sweeney Todd: A Love Story” and “The Feast of Blood! Or, Lord Ruthven’s Revenge”.

Judging by these examples of their back catalogue ‘Singular’ appears to be a mild distraction for them as its only connection 
being the Victorian setting of hansom cabs, sulphurous fogs and murders ‘most foul’.

However it is fair to say that even after 124 years we still cannot get enough nineteenth century gore especially when it involves England’s best ‘consulting detective’ Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle never shared our enthusiasm and ‘killed’ him off at Reichenbach Falls in “The Final Problem”.

Public pressure saw Holmes back from the dead and it is at that point that the play, held in the in the grand confines of the pub’s restaurant, takes its cue.
After a brief introduction by Rachel Green, the play's Director, the scene opened on the eminent literary detective’s rooms at 22b Baker Street.

An excellent script gave Jonathan Goodwin, as Sherlock, the chance to show unbound enthusiasm for his character through tales that took in all of the detective’s best moments including “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, the astounding escape from the ‘Falls and musings on his legendary nemesis, the ‘Napoleon of Crime’, Moriarty.

Meanwhile Gary Archer’s Watson, and Holmes’ ‘Boswell’, listened intently and patiently as Holmes entertained the room with dazzling wit and repartee. Participation was encouraged and moreover greeted genially by the audience, or as Holmes defined them, ‘The Baker Street Irregulars’. Unfortunately, time did not allow for the promised question and answer session.

Don't Go Into The Cellar are available for bookings and can be contacted either by email or phone. See website for details.

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